Film club

On the 7th of January volunteers from Cluj and Oradea took part in film club where they discussed film presented by Marvin Splitt: «The Journey of the Beasts»

This film is about skateboarders who decided to go to Indonesia and skate in places, where no skateboarder has been before. Some of them have never been in Asia or anywhere except Europe.

After watching the film volunteers tried to answer some questions:

·                    What was your hardest learning by doing experience?

·                    What did you learn?

·                    When did you hear the first time of skateboarding?

Some of volunteers heard about skateboarding in childhood while watching older kids skateboarding in the neighbourhood. And like these skateboarders most of us had “learning by doing” experience. Somebody learned how to skate, somebody how to play a guitar and even learning languages or working with kids is something what you learn by doing.

But the question is: “Is it all only about skateboarding?” The main aim of these guys was to skate in new places. Nobody expected to meet a lot of people who will be so curious and open to try and learn something they have never heard about. The best example was meeting with the kids who became so happy and inspired because of seeing something which they had no idea was existed.

Even in our volunteer service we can teach children different new things and show them how many opportunities they actually have. But while we are teaching them they are teaching us. We all live in a different country now. And it means that despite our character and attitude we should respect the culture in which we live.

In the end we all are learning something new.

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